A beer with balls

There I was, sat watching the basketball tonight, when on comes an advert (commercial) for a fine English beer with which I am familiar, namely Newcastle Brown. I can pretty much guarantee this ad is not currently playing on UK screens.



Bottom feeder

Good job we’ve recently completed potty training with my three-year-old. Mrs L says that listening to the whining and constant demands for one of these would have been intolerable. Our little boy would probably have asked for one too.


Meanwhile, some news from the world of edukashen…

Here’s one kid angry at his teacher … and he delivers a rant at her as he is ejected from her classroom, reportedly for “asking too many questions”. He probably shouldn’t have sworn at her, but he makes a valid point: that education has become all about having children learn from endless handed out worksheets and soulless “packets” instead of having teachers standing up in front of their classes engaging the children and instilling a passion in them. I agree with Jeff Bliss of Texas, let’s teach our kids HOW to think, not WHAT to think. See the classroom video here http://goo.gl/3C6Ab


Miami heat

We know it’s hot here in Miami. And that the city’s basketball team, the Miami Heat, are blazing a scorched trail through the play-offs towards (hopefully) another national championship. The franchise (that’s what teams are called here in the good ol’ USA) also claims to have the best fans in all of basketball. Here’s one bidding a friendly farewell to Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah after he was ejected from last night’s game. Stay classy, lady.


Study night of the living dead

Given the mountain of homework my-five-year old kindergartener is already bringing home daily, this is clearly what he has to look forward to. A new “research study” (read paid-for promotional by Starbucks and Red Bull manufacturers, I suspect) claims that students in the US are the most sleep-deprived anywhere. I’ll have to start calling Alfie ‘Zombie Boy’.



Shiver Me Timbers

Meet the jolly ladies of North Devon’s Women’s Institute, who entered into the spirit of the occasion to dress up as pirates when an old sea dog dropped by to give a talk about piracy on the high seas. Unfortunately for the ladies, Captain Colin Darch wasn’t there to talk about Blackbeard and the Jolly Roger – he had an altogether more serious topic to talk about… his own experience in 2008 when he was captured by Somali pirates and held hostage for several weeks, spending his time in captivity in fear for his life. You can imagine how impressed he was to have been greeted by a group of elderly women wielding plastic cutlasses and dressed in tin foil hats and eye patches. Thankfully, he seems to have taken the blunder in good humour.