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The latest in an occasional series showcasing the depth and breadth of journalistic “talent” on South Florida’s television screens. Regular readers will already have spotted that the lass in the middle has been featured before. The ladies either side of her, however, are virgins. To my blog, I mean. 



A right royal f**k up

A right royal f**k up

A princely effort by South Florida’s NBC6 news to capture the mood of the local expat Brits over the Royal Baby nonsense tonight. First off they interview the lady who runs the local British society and describe her as a traitorous ‘ex-patriot’ instead of an expatriate, then to really get to the heart of the issue they head for an IRISH bar in Fort Lauderdale called Waxy O’Connor’s for some incisive on-the-spot reporting, only to find the locals are, somewhat unsurprisingly, less than enamoured with the arrival of His New Royal Highness, to be sure, to be sure.