Graphic detail

I thought I’d seen it all from our ridiculous local TV stations, but no. Tonight the graphics department of ABC’s Local 10 Miami was pressed into action to illustrate the story of a local man who was shot dead during Thanksgiving. What exactly is this, presumably the holiday turkey feast that the poor sod wasn’t able to enjoy because he was too busy being shot? The only thing that was missing was a sombre-faced newsreader informing us gravely that it was “a holiday the victim’s family will remember for all the wrong reasons.” They’ve done that before, too. I totally despair.




Halloween’s most tasteless costumes

They might be university students, but these two morons are clearly not too blessed in terms of intelligence. The worst thing about this was that somebody – namely some half-wit DJ at the nightclub – actually judged these costumes the best of the Halloween Night competition and rewarded each of the girls with $240 shopping vouchers for their efforts. Following the controversy, the ladies then issued that standard non-apologetic apology, expressing that they were sorry “if” anyone was offended. The parents must be so proud.