Flipping the bird

A bright moment from Sunday’s Miami Dolphins v. Jacksonville Jaguars American Football match, brought to you in wonderfully colourful language from my friends at the Broward New Times



Art for art’s sake

As a leading arts critic I am thrilled to have received an invitation to the opening of a prestigious upcoming exhibition in Miami entitled A Global Exchange: Geometric Abstraction Since 1950. 

As the the exhibition’s curator Joe Houston says: “There’s a selfless quality about geometric art that creates a dialogue between individual artists’ private emotions.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. The canapes and cocktails at the opening should be pretty good too.


Going viral

I remember writing a year or so back about a controversial Twin Towers Halloween costume that some silly tart had worn to a student party, thinking it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen. This year’s “What Were They Thinking Of” award goes to costumiers BrandsOnSale, purveyors of the $79.99 Ebola Containment Suit that, according to company CEO Johnathon Weeks, is “a great deal” and leaves customers fully prepared “if any outbreak happens at your Halloween party”.

Responding to concerns about whether the costume is particularly tasteful given the growing Ebola crisis in the US, Weeks is adamant. “If people are that serious about it, they don’t know what Halloween is about,” he says.