Monument to excess

Multi-millionaire drugs cheat Sammy Sosa features in the latest “press release” from my old friends at Blink PR (previously famous for addressing me as Theresa and believing me to be some kind of handbag style goddess).

The former Chicago Cubs fraudster is apparently now a business entrepreneur, an unsubstantiated claim which seems to justify the “news” contained in the Blink bulletin, namely that Sosa – who Blink says is “known for his extravagant, memorable parties” – is celebrating his 46th birthday at Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel. HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!!

“The huge birthday celebration is expected to bring out [unnamed] A-List celebrities, including a major pop artist, whose name cannot be revealed at this time,” the press release gushes.

It goes on to tell us about Sosa’s 45th birthday at his home last year, at which he appears to have hired a crew of Latino rent boys.

“The black tie event is expected to be the party of the year,” it continues, without saying by who.

There’s no invite to the event, of course. Reporters are not welcome, only Sammy’s rich and famous sycophantic friends are entitled to actually attend. But Blink is keen that I find time to write about it nonetheless.

I’d quite happily drop Blink from my list of PR subscriptions but I’m having far too much fun with them right now. Still, the chances of me actually writing anything about their totally non-newsworthy, celebrity-subsidised dross remains about zero.

Sammy Sosa