Elephant in the room

On August 31st CNN reported the results of the Great Elephant Census, which chronicled a catastrophic decline in the number of African elephants and made dire predictions for their survival.

Fast forward three weeks and, well, apparently, there are plenty of elephants according to Sky News and, because numbers are “growing”, it’s time to lift the global ban on ivory trading (says Zimbabwe, headed by the cash-hungry, murderous despot Robert Mugabe, who will quite happily steal the $35 million that would be raised by the sale of a 70-tonne ivory “stockpile” Zimbabwe just happens to have lying around).

Mugabe, it should be noted, likes to eat baby elephants as a birthday treat and has already cashed in big-time from illegal poaching. The lifting of the ivory-trade ban would just further enrich him legally. We can only hope that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) makes the right call when it meets in Johannesburg later this week.




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